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Chinese food very much compliments Indian food. We have many clients who request a mixed menu so that guests have the choice to combine the two if they wish. Food Stalls can be set up so that guests can choose from a number of different international cuisines during food service. A Chinese catering food stall can be alongside food stall and guests can move from stall to stall relishing the delights on offer. Food Stalls are very popular variation on Buffet. These stall setups are smaller buffets which offer cuisines from different parts of the world.

An Italian Food Stall, an Indian Food Stall and a Chinese Food Stall are just an example of the possible choices your caterer could offer your guests. Well established caterers will usually be able to offer this service for wedding catering.

Another perk of this food service method is that live cooking can take place. Multi-cuisine caterers will be able to provide chefs who can actually serve guests food freshly prepared right before their very eyes. This is a real wow factor at any event.


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