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Party Catering has been our forte since the inception of Blend spice 6. Party catering services began on a request basis from restaurant customers and from there grew a business which today provides party catering to thousands of guests every year. Whether the planned event is an intimate party hosted at home or a lavish affair in a furl, Blend spice 6 can assist with every organizational aspect. For residential events, we can also arrange cutlery, crockery, linen hire, provision of glassware and bar set-up, a staffing solution for the event and a complete decor service through our team.

We are equally proficient in organizing events in new locations and will liaise with the venue to ensure that the venue team has every confidence in the abilities of our company.Party catering can be undertaken no matter where the location, we pride ourselves on successfully organizing events in all types of venue and across the nation.

For more information on our Party Catering Service we can be contacted on 09810480380