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A new awareness of eating healthily has meant that the number of vegetarians in this country is on the rise. Even if you’re not vegetarian yourself, there may be members of your family or wedding guests in the other party who are. They have to be catered for. In the Indian community in particular there are a significant number of vegetarians. Catering for vegetarians is relatively simple with Indian cuisine as the range of dishes available is so huge that the only difficulty lies in the selection procedure. Our Vegetarian catering menus can be viewed in the Menus section of the website.

Blend Spice6 endeavor to observe religious requirements and preferences. Our vegetarian catering is very well appreciated as are our preparation methods. We specialize in without onion-garlic food also.

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We have a huge respect for religious dietary laws and will do our utmost to ensure they are adhered to.

For more information on our Vegetarian Catering Service we can be contacted on 09810480380